Cappies Gala 2006

The Odd Couple swept the Cappies ( an international theater and writing program) awards in 2006. Casey accepted the Cappie for Best Show on behalf of the entire cast of The Odd Couple in which Casey performed as Gwendolyn Pidgeon .Casey had the audience in stitches during her hilarious performance as one of the two British sisters who lived next door to Oscar and Felix (Matt Thorton and Dan Bergels were Oscar and Felix and Kasey Borbidge was Casey’s Pidgeon sister).

Casey was conscientious and passionate about her high school theater involvement and loved every minute of it, particularly The Odd Couple, which was one of Casey's favorite shows. In Kasey Borbidges’s memory, “Handprints, she states, “Before we could walk out of our dressing room we had to play "Defying Gravity" as loud as possible and Casey, Victoria Mayo, and I would sing it at the top of our lungs!”

Casey will be remembered at this year’s Cappies Gala on May 23, 2001 where she will be awarded an honory Cappie for theater and journalism. Casey's first involvement in high school theater was in the Laramie Project in 2004. Thereafter, she performed in all subsequent productions until her graduation. She was also lead critic from SHS for the the greater Philadelphia Region Cappies, was "Best Actress" for SHS in 2006, and was the secretary for Springfield Theater Workshop (STW).

[View photographs of Casey’s high school theater performances, including the Odd Couple. Also read Meg Falasco’s memory, “Defying Gravitiy. View the STW tribute to Casey.To hear Casey's SHS teacher and theater director, John Guildea, talk about Casey's high school theatre performances, watch the 14 minute video, "Remembering Casey".View photos of Casey at the 2007 Cappies].

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